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Sealcoating extends the life of your driveway or asphalt surface!

Parking lot seal coating in Middletown NyDura Seal Coating can provide quality asphalt sealcoating, crack repair, striping, and pot hole repair for home, church, school and business. We provide quality work and dependable service that keeps customers coming back and referring us to others. Whether you just need a driveway seal coated, or an entire parking lot repaired, sealc oated and striped, Dura Seal coating is your best source for quality sealcoating and repairs.

Asphalt pavement should be sealcoated within the first year it is paved. Sealcoating is the first step involved in protecting your asphalt pavement. Simply put, it safeguards asphalt by placing a protective barrier on the surface and slows pavement deterioration. This service, like most asphalt maintenance, needs to be re-applied on a regular basis – usually every 2 to 3 years depending on traffic volume.

There are many benefits to seal coating your asphalt pavement. The most obvious benefit of seal coating to most people is beautification, the “like-new””appearance. However, sealcoating really does much more than this.

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Dura Seal Coatings

Dura Seal Coatings

Nothing is more durable or longer lasting than DuraSeal’s total corrosion abrasion solution. It’s a solution that uses true nanotechnology and, though it may be small in size, it’s big in results.

While nanotechnology has quickly become a marketing buzzword, DuraSeal has been hard at work applying its nano formulas to the oil and gas industry (saving corporations millions of dollars through reduced downtime and increasing revenue as a result).

Covalent Bonding Formula

Rather than temporarily upgrading surfaces with coatings that quickly delaminate, DuraSeal’s covalent bonding formulas manipulate the material’s core components to create a sturdier, corrosion-proof super metal that is unlike anything the industrial world has ever seen.

Customized Nano Coatings

Applied to pipes, tubing, engines, couplings, machine parts and everything in between, DuraSeal’s customized nano coatings are proven to be that long-sought, viable solution to those same, seemingly endless problems that have plagued the oil and gas industry for decades. Those problems are now ancient history for corporations that have taken advantage of our penetrating sealants that can be tailored to suit specific harsh environments.

Proven in independent and domestic studies both in the lab and in the field, DuraSeal’s use of true nanotechnology is a cost effective way to increase production and decrease operating expenses.

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